The saying that a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation, has long become the norm of our daily life. Nowadays, car rental is gaining popularity, because people who use their personal car every day feel uncomfortable if their iron horse breaks down.

A problem may arise if the owner must refuse to use it if a business trip is planned outside the native locality. RENT SERVICE GROUP is ready to offer customers to rent a vehicle with or without a professional driver.

Car rental conditions

Despite the fact that rental is a simple service, it is gradually becoming popular in Ukraine. Even 20 years ago, it was hard to even think that it would be possible to call a car rental company, draw up the necessary documentation, conclude an agreement with managers and leave in a rented car.

Car rental is subject to a number of conditions specified in the contract. Such conditions are considered:

  • a term for when the use of a car is available;
  • a territory that cannot be driven outside;
  • the price of a rented car.

The above requirements are not intrusive, so they allow it to be accepted for business or personal purposes.

The benefits of car rental at RENT SERVICE GROUP

If you have to go to Kyiv for a short time, you should choose a car rental with an experienced driver. The fact is that ignorance of the area will not help you quickly move through city streets. This can significantly harm a person if it is planned to do several things at once in different places in Kyiv. You should not order a taxi car, you just need to rent a car with a driver, which can be used as long as possible and economically.

Each customer can be sure that all cars in the RENT SERVICE GROUP car fleet are safe, technically sound and serviced only by the most qualified drivers. Experienced managers will be able to choose the perfect car in the catalog on the official website. If the customer cannot decide on the brand and technical characteristics of a particular car, then you can ask clarifying questions by calling the company. If the car is rented for a couple of days, the customer has the right to extend the car rental an unlimited number of times.

When to choose a car rental with a driver?

Renting a car with a driver has a number of advantages, since each employee of the RENT SERVICE GROUP is experienced, has a long driving experience and is oriented in the capital.

Renting a car in Kyiv with a driver is required if:

  • the customer does not have a driver’s license;
  • the customer did not drive a vehicle;
  • the customer does not navigate in the capital;
  • required transport for holidays and corporate events;
  • the customer is going to drink alcohol at the party.

The cost of renting a car with a driver is slightly higher than without a driver, but the benefits are obvious. Renting a car in Kyiv makes you fulfill a number of obligations for the tenant and for the landlord.

Details of car rental at RENT SERVICE GROUP

The RENT SERVICE GROUP company offers a car selection service through a catalog on the website. If you carefully study the catalog, you can choose a model with ideal technical characteristics.

Our staff can clarify questions regarding:

  • car equipment;
  • rent terms;
  • rental prices;
  • promotions and discounts.

If the brand of the car does not matter, then the car will be available for a while at any rental point. The price of car rental in Kyiv will depend on the term and brand of car, and the longer the car is used, the more profitable the rental price will be. The highlight is the provision of discounts or credit to regular customers. Leave a request or contact a specialist by phone to discuss all the details of the contract.

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