Where to go for a weekend in Ukraine in winter?

Winter Weekends in Ukraine: 5 Cozy Destinations for Unforgettable Getaways

Winter in Ukraine is a time of enchanting snowy landscapes, cozy city streets, and an incredible atmosphere. If you have some free weekends and dream of spending them memorably, we offer five options for interesting places for winter relaxation.

What to see in Ukraine by car in winter?

1. Carpathians: Enchanting Ski Resorts

The Carpathians are a true paradise for lovers of active winter recreation. Numerous ski resorts, such as Bukovel, Dragobrat, and Vorokhta, are spread across this region. Mountain peaks, cozy hotels with fireplaces to warm up, and magnificent ski slopes will give you unforgettable experiences. Don’t forget to try local delicacies and mulled wine in the hot restaurants at the foot of the mountains.

2. Lviv: Romance of the Old City

Winter Lviv is a magical combination of ancient architecture and cozy cafes. A stroll through the old town, adorned with garlands and Christmas decorations, will fill you with romance and tranquility. Visit Rynok Square, the central square of Lviv, where the Christmas market is located, and enjoy the atmosphere of a real winter holiday.

What to see in Ukraine by car in winter?

3. Odessa: Maritime Charm and Winter Walks along the Promenade

Odessa, known for its unique maritime charm, can also be a wonderful place for winter relaxation. Walks along the winter promenade, visits to cozy cafes with sea views, and exciting excursions to historical sites will make your weekend unforgettable.

4. Kyiv: Winter Beauties of the Capital

Kyiv transforms in winter and acquires a special charm. Visit numerous Christmas markets scattered throughout the city, enjoy walks along the Dnipro River, and explore historical sites immersed in the atmosphere of New Year holidays.

5. Kharkiv: Cultural Impressions and Active Leisure

Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine, offers a unique combination of cultural events and active recreation. Visit numerous theaters, galleries, and museums, and then head to the ice rink or take a walk in one of the beautiful city parks.

Regardless of the chosen destination, winter relaxation in Ukraine promises to be vibrant and rich. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of each corner of the country and create unforgettable memories on winter weekends.

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