Car rental conditions

Transfer(delivery) of machines.
Delivery and reception of cars is carried out in our office. Delivery within Kyiv is also possible.
Car transfer around Kyiv – $10-15
Car transfer to the Airport — $20-25

Car mileage limit – 300 km/day (without driver)

Minimum car rental period.
Minimum car rental period:

  • without a driver – 48 hours (2 days)
  • 3 hours with a driver
Required documents:
  • passport
  • identification code (for citizens of Ukraine)
  • driver’s license is valid on the territory of Ukraine
Payment method:
  • cash/non-cash settlement
  • credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express)
Price of car rental.
Tariffs, when renting a car without a driver, include the cost of lubricants, maintenance, third-party liability insurance, but do not take into account the cost of fuel. The daily fee is charged based on the transfer of the car to the client for 24 hours.

Security deposit, terms of payment.
The insurance deposit, depending on the model and brand of the car, remains when the car is handed over to the client – in advance. The deposit is returned to the lessee upon fulfillment of the terms of the contract immediately after the car is returned to the RSG lessor. When paying for services by credit card, the amount of the insurance deposit is blocked on the tenant’s account according to the car rental agreement.

Minimum age for car rental.
According to the insurance contract, the minimum age of the lessee must be at least 21 years. The client must present a driver’s license issued at least 3 years ago and his passport. Driver’s licenses must be valid on the territory of Ukraine. Lessor RSG has the right to refuse to issue a car rental contract if the client’s age or driving experience is less than that specified in the insurance contract, as well as if he has a written warning related to traffic violations for the past 2 years.

Using a rental car outside Kyiv.
The lessee has the right to use the rented car outside the city of Kyiv, for trips around Ukraine, without making an additional deposit or payment. In the event of an incident, accident, road accident or damage to the car, injury, material damage or robbery, the lessee shall independently pay all expenses for the necessary transportation of the car to the city of Kyiv, temporary storage of the car, for temporary minor repairs, etc. .p.
In such cases, lessor RSG can only provide informational support to the client.
Fuel in car rental.
All RSG cars are rented with a full tank of fuel, but fuel is not included in the rental price. Based on this, the renter must return the car with a full tank of fuel as well. If the customer returns the car with an incomplete tank, then the insufficient amount is paid by him at the rate specified in the car rental contract with the RSG company.
Fines and sanctions in car rental.
In cases of loss or theft from the client of car documents, keys, vehicle registration number, intentional damage to car wheels, the deposit is returned to the client after deducting the amount of €100 (according to the NBU exchange rate, on the day of payment) for each case.

Pay attention!
The tenant is obliged to inform the landlord about what happened during the day. Otherwise, the tenant bears full responsibility for what happened.

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