Renting a minibus, bus or city car for the purpose of moving a tourist group is often more profitable and more convenient than using the services of a travel company. This option provides:

  • freedom of movement;
  • saving time;
  • saving money;
  • quickly and easily adaptable routes;
  • a also the opportunity to choose a brand and class of car that would suit the tenant in terms of comfort and price.

You are not constrained by the schedule of public transport, the schedule of the travel agency. By renting a car yourself, you yourself determine what and when to see, where and how to organize lunch or dinner, how long to stay on a particular excursion.

Taking into account the fact that the bus (minibus) rental service, as a rule, provides for a driver’s accompaniment, the client disclaims responsibility for the safety of the car.

What else is good about renting a car with a driver?

Of course, not only by reducing the level of responsibility of the client. Reputable car rental companies have quite high requirements for their drivers. This takes into account not only the availability of rights of a certain category, but also the actual experience in the field of passenger transportation, driving experience, and health status.

The drivers of the RENT SERVICE GROUP company are well aware of the historical routes of Kyiv, they are able to optimally plan and calculate the route during peak hours and, thus, provide the guests of the capital with the most comfortable travel conditions.

If you came to Kyiv not with a tourist group, but individually, with a small company or family, then it makes sense to also use the car rental service with a driver. In this case, you will ensure not only the possibility of free and fairly fast movement to any point of the capital, but also a short tour of one of the oldest capitals of Europe. It’s no secret that experienced drivers always have something to tell about their hometown.

If you choose not to be a driver

In this case, you don’t have to worry too much either: almost all RENT SERVICE GROUP cars are equipped with navigation devices, and you, as a tourist, should only decide on the routes to follow. Further, in the literal sense, a matter of technology.

However, it should be borne in mind that for different modes of transport there are different requirements for the age of the client-driver and his driving experience. Here the determining factors are the make and class of the car. For executive class and VIP cars, the requirements are slightly higher, the price of the service and the amount of the security deposit, respectively, are higher.

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